Motivational Speaker

lee-2Lee Smith’s niche is how to deal positively with your disability and how to overcome physical challenges and make life more comfortable for individuals with disabilities as well as for people that lives them – spouses, partners, parents and co-workers.

The goal for Lee is to train people physically and mentally to deal with whatever situation they find themselves in. He is an expert in this area, as he himself, is a T10 paraplegic that had only use of his neck and his arms. 16 years later, he has full control over bladder and bowl movement and movement and sensation in his legs. Through hard training, eating healthy and being consistent, thorough trial and error, Lee is able to walk on the Loco-mat using 80% of his legs.

“The day you stop trying, is the day you failed. Never stop.” Lee has lived by these words. Although Lee is focused on people with disabilities, he is also an inspiration to full body-abled individuals, as he managed to conquer his goals. He shares his journey with people, along with tips & tricks and strategies to get their life in order.

Lee will motivate your people. But he’ll do MUCH MORE than that! He will give every audience member skills and an action plan to take back to their life, body functions or business.

Lee Smith has the ability to make audiences laugh while delivering insights and strategies that can be implemented the next day. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker or keynote speaker for your next function – Lee is your man!

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