Life Coach

One-on-one Coaching


Coaching is one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives.

People emerge from Lee’s one-on-one coaching sessions more focused, more motivated, more efficient and more productive. They create a vision for their future with clarity, systems, inspiration built with a foundational skill set of wellbeing and self-care.  By working in a completely confidential setting, coaching breaks down barriers to success and challenges individuals to reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction and balance in life.

“Lee excels as a mentor. He operates with an exceptional combination of empathy and skill.” – Jan Greyling (Disabled Farmer)


The life strategy program.


Life coaching assists people to have purpose, clear vision, self-belief and security in mind and body.. It develops confidence within and results in more effective relationships both personally and professionally.

“Lee is an extrovert that loves to work with people. He shines through every dark cloud in your life and brightens up ones day the second that he enters the room.”


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Athlete Coaching


Lee Smith is a professional athlete with a disability. Every challenge he faces, is much bigger than that of a fully abled person – therefor he uses different methods than regular life coaches. He will motivate you every step of the way. He will walk your journey with you, pick you up when you fall and be the extra hand that you will need to succeed.

Professional athletes must work extremely hard to reach their potential. Personal coaching can assist with organisation, work/life balance, goal setting and controlling limiting beliefs. Lee Smith’s programs are designed to support and nurture success both on and off the sporting field.


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