Lee Smith Foundation for the Disabled

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide help and rehabilitation to any individual with physical disabilities, independently as well as at all 9 Spinal Hospitals in South Africa. The focus is outcome-based and the promotion of functional independence.


Our Objectives

The Association is a non-profit organisation established for the following public benefit objectives:

Our Mission is to offer rehabilitation services to individuals with physical disability in South Africa.

  • We shall provide medical rehabilitation by demonstrating exercises to patients.
  • To increase self-esteem, confidence and ability for individuals with disabilities
  • To support the wider community of people with disabilities with a safe place to visit and seek support such as medical referrals, mobility aid production, information on their rights and entitlements.
  • Our services shall be to people of all communities, nationalities, religions and status without discrimination.
  • To teach the parents/partners/spouses how to improve their situation and involve them in the process of rehabilitation
  • To make communities aware of their responsibilities for the welfare of disabled members
  • And any other activity that is incidental to the above objectives


Our Services

Our aim is to provide a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) – programme by:

  • Admitting people with Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital deformities,Osteomyelitis, Amputations, Clubfoot, Muscular Dystrophy, Post-burn Contractures, Post septic Joints, TB- spine and other disabilities to the Centre forRehabilitation.
  • Visiting specialists and hospitals and arranging operations if necessary
  • Recommending and providing the right appliances
  • Pre -and Post-operative care, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Training parents, partners or spouses in the continuation of care and exercises
  • Ensuring re- integration into their families and communities and teaching skills toenable them to be more self-reliant
  • Field work, which includes:

– Follow up home visits

– Raising community awareness

– Identifying people with disabilities

– Training and supervision of Volunteer Mediators

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